About Sakae Institute

Sakae Institute of Study Abroad (“SISA”) is providing placement services, in addition to other services, and scholarship information for prospective international students in the United States. Our goal is to prepare students to complete degree programs in time* and under their proposed budget**. Holding advanced degrees in US higher education, our counselors provide professional support and useful information throughout your journey to pursue your educational goals.

*Roughly 90% of our students graduate in time or less than the normal length of completing degree programs. In the US, the average length of completing a 4-year program is 6 years. Many of our students complete a 4-year program less than 4 years, and 2.5 years is the shortest on record; therefore, significantly reduce the overall cost of study abroad.

**85% of our students receive some type of scholarship and tuition discount. This is the result of our comprehensive evaluation of your budget and academic competitiveness for qualifications as well as extensive knowledge of abundant funding opportunities inside and outside of schools.

Our Mission Value

We are proud of the high standard of our services and mission as an educational consultant. As we individuals have unique features and roles in the world, we believe that not everyone should go to Harvard University. Thanks to the endless options of educational opportunities and pride in diversity, higher education in the US provides the best possible path that fits to your unique circumstance and enable you to discover and achieve what only you can fulfill in the global society.

Our role is to understand where you stands, where your goal is, and fill in that gap. Information is out there on internet, but that's not everything. Based on our extensive experience and knowledge, we advise you which information to trust and guide you to an appropriate educational path. Do not settle within the limited options your agent suggests. Your option is unlimited and it should be your choice because it is about your life.