7 Facts

Here is simple facts about Sakae's 40+ year experience and the volume of clients we serve yearly

1. Wide Selection of Schools and Network of Sakae Alumni

Among 1,400 four-year colleges in the US, Sakae students are placed in over 700 colleges and graduate schools.

2. Long Standing History

Since 1972, the number of Sakae students who received degrees from US colleges exceeds 6,000.

3. Guaranteed Admission

100% of Sakae students successfully received admission to at least one school and 93% completed degree programs (7% drop out or change plan).

4. Quick Path to Degree and Save Money

80% of Sakae students complete 4-year degree program within 4 years or less; the US national average is 6 years.

5. Study Abroad is Not for Everyone

Annually we advise over 700 students and 18% of them use our placement service for US degree programs. Advising on one's future comes with great responsibility and we believe Study Abroad is not the best path for everyone's career path.

6. Experience in Every Level of Education

Among 150 students we serve in placement service, 87% undergraduate, 6% graduate, 7% high school applicants.

7. Scholarship Achievement

Annually at least 85% of Sakae students receive some type of scholarship, grants, tuition discount, including full scholarships.