Recruitment Tour in Asia

Year-round Recruitment Events in Japan and China

We coordinates opportunities for you to meet with prospective international students throughout a year.

In spring, we invite 7 - 10 schools to participate in the 3-day spring recruitment event at SISA - Tokyo Office. Usually you will meet with 10 to 20 applicants for interview per day. It is free of charge, except your own travel and accommodation expense during the 3 days.

If you are traveling in East Asia, please come by our office and we can coordinate an information session with group of SISA students with you. It is the best way for our students to get direct impression about your school and lead to applications.

If you have any other needs, please let us know.

★★★Requirements for Schools★★★

   • Participating school officials must be authorized to issue and sign official acceptance letters during the program;

   • All travel expenses while in Tokyo (air fare, room and board, etc.) are the responsibility of the participating colleges;

   • Sakae Institute of Study Abroad will be responsible for the arrangement of interview sessions, including the publicity and promotion of participating schools;

   • Participating colleges must accept the Sakae’s English Proficiency Test score as an indicator of student’s English level if other official English scores are not readily available that time.

   • All participating school officials must be available for the entire 3 days of the recruitment program. You are expected to review the students' applications and credentials on Day 1, conduct individual interviews on Day 2, and issue acceptance/denial letters and scholarship offers (if applicable) for all the students at the final meeting on Day 3.

   • For our students, scholarship amount has been one of the most important factors in making a decision on which college to enroll. Your generous scholarship offer would be most appreciated.