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Representatives of over one hundred U.S. academic institutions visit SISA each year. Our office doors in Tokyo, Boston, and Beijing are always open, and we welcome your visit. The majority of SISA staff members are former Sakae students, who will be happy to answer any of your questions. We look forward to seeing you in the near future!

Update your school information with us

In choosing which school to attend, our students consistently utilize school videos, course catalogs and viewbooks. Course catalogs are particularly useful, as they tell students a great deal about a school's curriculum and academic offerings. As such current information is crucial to the service we provide, we are constantly trying to update the information in our offices.

Recruitment Tour

At least twice yearly, we organize recruiting events and tours in Japan and China, at which admissions representatives from the U.S. meet with prospective students and their families. Many parents have sent two, three or more children to be educated in U.S. schools through SISA.

◆Opportunity to Advertise Your School in Multiple Language!

Advertising with us will allow you to become a featured school on our website. There will be several links to your full-page advertisement from various links on the website

What is the Sakae Guide?

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has granted the Sakae Institute some funding to create Japan’s first website designed for students who wish to study in the U.S.

We chose about 1400 schools in the U.S. to introduce, including information on the programs of study, sports offerings, SAT*/ACT scores, admission criteria, and our in-depth analysis of school’s suitability to welcome international students. The Sakae Guide hosts about 12,000 visitors a month.

Difference between Sakae Guide and other school information website is its unique perspective of International Students. We provide our own in-depth description of each school based on independent research and our unique ability to see each school from the perspective of the Japanese and other Asian students. We also rate each school (1.0-5.0), based on its suitability for international students, taking into consideration factors such as support services, safety, on-campus housing availability, and retention rate.

How it works?

On the school profile page of individual school, we add a link to your advertisement page. Each school will have 1 page to advertise. Although we will give you some guidelines for the advertisement and translate it into Japanese, you are welcome to tailor this advertisement to demonstrate your school’s originality on your own terms. If you prefer to have the Sakae Institute create your advertisement independently, we would be happy to assist you in this regard as well.

Visit the Sakae Guide to U.S. Colleges and Universities:

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