Other Services

Campus Visit Arrange & Guide

Sakae provide the following services for your campus visit needs.

◉Coordinate campus tour, information session, and on-site interview reservation
◉Arrange accommodations, airfare and ground transportation at competitive rate
◉Provide a guide who can accompany your trip upon request
◉Follow up the interview result and other inquires after visits

In the past, our clients have requested the following types of campus visit arrangements.

★Client A: Father and Son living in Singapore

- Visiting 14 boarding schools that they are applying for over 4 days
- Conducted on-site interview with admission director at each site
- Coordinated international flights, ground transportation (limousine), accommodations, guide and translator

★Client B: Mother and Daughter from China and Canada

- Visiting 9 undergraduate programs in West Coast, Mid-west, and East Coast
- Coordinated international and domestic flight
- Saved cost on ground transportation by arranging long-distance bus and local public transportation in stead of private limousine

★Client C: A group of Japanese elementary and junior high school students

- Coordinated college campus tours at 5 cities along with the history of higher education in the US
- Total of 30 students and 5 chaperons attended
- Arranged group reservation of domestic flight, accommodation, bus and restaurants
- Hosted two lectures at MIT and Harvard University from Japanese researchers and Ph. D student
- Arranged several sessions to interact with local college students in Japanese language and cultural exchange purpose
- Visited other historical sights and museums

If you have any request, please contact us for estimate.

Career Counseling & Referral Service

Partner Company "Lighthouse Global Inc." Assist Job Hunting in Japan

At this point, we are assisting Japanese-speaking job seekers with US college degrees to find a job in Japan. "Lighthouse Global Inc." is our partner company to conduct individual counseling and referral service to find you matching jobs.

Lighthouse Global Webpage

Support Services for Chuzai

For those children who are temporarily in the US with family's relocation to US, we provide support services. There are many unfamiliar matters you encounter when going to a US public or private schools.

- Find an agent, local host family or temporary accommodation with trusted guardians when parents are out of town for business or other matters
- Coordinate transportation from/to local schools during short or long term vacation
- Find summer camps or other short-term programs suitable for long school vacation
- Advise on academic issues, social and medical matters, or refer to bilingual experts of appropriate field