For Potential Students and Parents (SISA's Services)

Unlike other language schools, preparatory schools, and placement agencies in Japan and China, SISA provides its service exclusively to those who plan to enroll as full-time students and graduates from academic institutions in the United States. Because many of counselors are, themselves, SISA graduates, they impart first-hand knowledge of the study abroad adventure to the students they mentor.

Free Group Seminar

Every year, over 1,000 Japanese and Chinese students interested in earning their degrees in America, along with their parents, attend SISA’s free seminars introducing the U.S. educational system. Separate workshops are tailored to prospective high school students, college students, and graduate students, respectively.  

Individual Initial Counseling

Yoko Sakae and her counseling staff, all of whom hold degrees from American universities, personally interview all potential students to appraise their academic and personal fitness for the intense experience of studying abroad. Approximately 300 candidates a year pass this initial screening and apply to the U.S. schools that bet fit their aptitudes and chosen fields of the study.

To set up 1-hour individual counseling, please contact Sakae Institute – USA, Boston office at 617-234-0095/ 1800-370-8489. It cost $100 as counseling fee and you will have 2 more additional follow-up sessions within a year.

You may download application form, submit the form via 617-234-0097 (fax) or mail the form and $100 check to the following address. We can arrange remote counseling via Skype or long-distance call.

Att: Counseling Division
c/o Sakae Institute – USA
1972 Massachusetts Ave, 4th Fl
Cambridge, MA 02145

*You may pay by credit card. Please download the credit card payment form (PDF) and submit via fax, email , or mailing.

Placement Service & Scholarship Acquisition

Each student is assigned a personal counselor from SISA’s professional staff. Keeping in mind that student’s goals, needs and abilities, our counselor mentors the student to help him or her choose the schools and course of study that is the best fit. The counselors are dedicated to their students’ success, and meet with each individual as many times as necessary to establish a deep understanding of his or her expectations and ambitions. At the same time, counselors train students to orient to US college system and “American” way of making things work, which is crucial knowledge and skills to succeed in study abroad in US.

Because of the level of satisfaction SISA produces on both sides of the international education “equation,” we often have “repeat customers.” U.S. schools consider us a valuable recruiting and consulting agency, and many now provide special scholarship for SISA students. These schools have trust in our educational approach, “Sakae Method” for successful study abroad. Scholarship amount ranges from $1000 to 15000 per year, and often times renewable every year by meeting minimum academic standard.

What is “Sakae Method”?
With proper knowledge about US college system and training in how to negotiate, network, and succeed in American culture, students learn “survival” skills beyond cultural difference and thrive to the manifestation of their true capability and potential beyond initial language barrier. We believe in our educational approach and thousands of our students are living proof of this method.

If you are interested in placement and scholarship service, please apply for individual initial counseling session first and obtain more details from your counselor.

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