What we do?

Counseling, Placement Service and After-Care

SISA is regarded as the premier quality-oriented academic placement and information service organization in Japan. SISA maintains its reputation by enrolling each student in a school that will meet that individual's needs and abilities, only after extensive counseling.

Our job does not end when a student is admitted to his or her chosen school. SISA provides ongoing support, called “After-care Service”, as the student adjusts to a new culture, language, and the rigors of academic life. We remain a trusted source of advice, aiding with concerns ranging from grades and social life to travel issues and medical emergencies. Sakae students in the U.S. can contact the Boston office via a toll-free number (800-370-8489) at any time, to ask for assistance with any situation.

Online Guide to US Colleges and Universities

In October 2006, SISA launched the first and only Japanese-language college guide website, The Sakae Guide to U.S. Colleges and Universities. It is a comprehensive online resource providing information about U.S. colleges and universities for Asian students. The Japanese government (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) selected Sakae Institute for a competitive grant to sponsor this website. The website is currently translated in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indonesia, and Thai (as of 2009).

Students preparing to study abroad visit www.ryugaku.ne.jp/en, which includes information on over 1,400 schools and their programs of study, sports offerings, SAT*/ACT scores, and admissions criteria. We provide our own in-depth description of each school based on independent research and our unique ability to see each school from the perspective of the Japanese and other Asian students. We also rate each school (1.0-5.0), based on its suitability for international students, taking into consideration factors such as support services, safety, on-campus housing availability, and retention rate.

ESL/Orientation Program Prior to US College Entry

Sakae Institute of Study Abroad administers a number of English as a Second Language programs, ranging from 4 to 8 weeks in length, in conjunction with various U.S. academic institutions. Students are immersed in the college experience, living on campus and utilizing the school’s resources. In addition to ESL classes, SISA’s students participate in mini-courses, including U.S. History, Sociology, Computer Skills and Business Students improve their English through practical use, and simultaneously develop the study and time management skills necessary for success studying abroad. We have lent our expertise in coordinating ESL instruction to creating short- and long-term language and training programs for other organizations (i.e. private high school, vocational institutions, and travel agency) wishing to send students to school in the U.S.

Promoting International Educational Exchange

SISA works with both governmental and private agencies in Japan and China to promote international education. We assisted the Board of Education in Fukuoka prefecture, Japan to create agreements with universities in the U.S. (Boston University, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Penn State, Muskingum College, College of Worcester, etc…)

Sakae Institute also collaborates with The Foreign Affairs Office in Taizhou, China, providing information and placement services for students who want to study in the U.S. We continuously seek to establish open and long-term relationships with a variety of educational institutions and business organizations. By connecting schools with each other, and facilitating programs and cooperation between them, Sakae Institute has become an international educational liaison.

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