Corporate History

Sakae Institute of Study Abroad (“SISA”) was established in 1972 in Tokyo, as the first educational consulting business in Japan. SISA has employed a role of college counselor in US high schools to guide international students to best-fits schools. To this date, we have consulted over 30,000 clients, placed over 7,000 students to US boarding schools, liberal arts colleges, universities, and graduate schools throughout the US.

The list of schools is found here.

1972 - SISA - Tokyo established in Tokyo, Japan
1988 - SISA - USA (Boston Office) established in Cambridge, Massachusetts
2006 - “Sakae Guide” website launched in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Indonesian
2008 - SISA - Beijing established in Beijing, China
2010 - SISA’s career counseling service launched (AKA “LIghthouse Global”)
2014 - SISA began recruiting students from Southeast Asia

Founder's Profile

Ms. Yoko Sakae, the founder of SISA, received her Master's degree in Secondary Education and Counseling from Central Michigan University. As a recognized authority in the field of study abroad, Yoko is in high demand as a speaker at educational institutions throughout Japan and appeared on radio, TV talk shows and newspaper articles. Yoko and SISA have published more than 50 books and magazines on US study abroad. Her recent books are found here.

1970 - Earned Bachelor degree from Tezukayama University
1971 - Earned Master's degree in Education from Central Michigan University
1972 - Studied counselor education at Ohio State University (Ph.D. Program)
1989 - Received Virginia Governor Award
1990 - Received Honorary Award from Endicott College, MA
1992 - Received Sullivan Award
1996 - Received Double of Merit from Elmira College, NY
2003 - Received Honorary Ph.D. from Thiel College, PA

Yoko Sakae's philosophy in Newspaper Article

New York Times Herald Tribune “Only Serious Needs to Apply”