Message from SISA

Our Role as College Guidance Counselors

SISA employs the "Sakae Method” in our educational approach, which corresponds to the role of a college guidance counselor in US high schools.

Unlike typical study abroad agents, we do not take commission from schools in exchange with referring students. As an educational consultant, we place our students' interest first and ask schools to turn their commission into exclusive scholarship for Sakae students, who have completed "Sakae Method" training and preparation expected by US institutions.

To ensure our students achieve the ultimate goal of completing a degree program, we look far beyond application. Our curriculum incorporates academic skill development and training in US academic culture. These seminars and program take place in home country as well as in US college campus during long school break.

To this date, over 7,000 SISA students have received undergraduate and graduate degrees, which accounts for 93% of the students we have sent to the US. We believe this is one proof that we are fulfilling responsibility as a guidance counselor and yielding return of the educational investment that SISA students' parents and sponsors have made.

Please find our founder's article on the New York Times Herald Tribune!